Friday, June 20, 2014

Episode 11

Well, because my post didn't import correctly, I'm re-applying the link for this episode here.

I'm just gonna start posting like normal from this point.

Anything you've seen on the show that you're interesting in can be found on yodafatkitty fav's page over yon, on Ravelry.

But here are the latest.

Symmerty in Motion pullover

Nyanen Tee

TTL Mystery Shawl 2014

So far, through clue three.

Yeah, crappy pic, but I talked about my yarn color choice on the show and you can see what I mean.
Should of gone with a less variegated color and more gradient per instructions.
I just thought these were similar enough in tone that I might get away with.
I still might.  We'll see after it's off the needles and blocked.

Have glourious week, and to those suffering in the heat, be careful!  Stay safe.

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