Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oh, oh do I love thee?
Way, way too ~*%#  much.
Yesterday I was perusing said site and discovered something I'd not seen before.
*imagine that*
I took a library tour.  I found that you can add all your books and magazines,
even leaflets, to your library and have all those patterns right there at your fingertips.
Who knew?  Why hadn't I seen this before?!
All. of. them.  All those lovely little patterns....  yeah, I know!
So, that's what I'll be doing today.   I've got them all organized, so it won't be that difficult a job.
It will however, take some time.
I have a lot.

And well, yes, I did find some new patterns to add to my favorites as well.

Phloem socks

Hexagon Petal Tee


They also have a yarn search.  I knew about this.  I've been avoiding it.  I mean really,  the last thing I need is to look
at other peeps yarn stashes
and see what's up for trade or sale.
Well, I have peeked.  I was prepared tho.  I was strong.

It was serious fun.

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