Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am making pie today.  Apple Crumble to be exact.
Baxter is doing fine (driving me crazy).
And, so is Biscuit. No, he isn't driving me crazy.  Silly people.
I have to rake these leaves so I'm thinking about making some hot chocolate for when I'm done.  If I can lift my arms, that is.
Bought this unfinished shelf and spray painted it with flat black paint. Then buffed it out with #000 steel wool.  Love it.  The mirror is a garage sale find that I paid a buck for.

Amen, sweet dreams,  good night, and thank-you Lord for that extra hour last night. It came in handy.

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Linda said...

I have lots of leaves too because it got really windy and then started to rain and all the leaves from my neighbors tree blew into my yard! Hope your apple crumble turned out...Have a great day!