Monday, September 6, 2010

Finishing up Summer.

Because I refuse to let go.  Period.
I have also been remiss in my posting habits.  But as I don't really have flocks of folks to worry about....I don't.
Been busy.  Knitting, baking-cooking, reading,  gardening, training the new pup, and even doing a bit of crocheting.
Is there anything better than potato salad with bacon in it?  Someone once said that everything you taste that is yummy and delicious, rich, thick, and creamy- good, was due to butter.  Well, I think bacon deserves that kind of accolade as well.

Bacon, new potatoes, green onions,  celery, mayo, sour cream and some seasonings.  Bake and serve.

Presenting Baxter!
Before the grooming appointment:
And, after:

He is a squirrelly little guy, that's for sure.

This is the first book I've ever picked up reading without reading any preview first.  I had placed it on hold as an eBook from my library.  When I was notified that it was ready, I'd forgotten.  So far, very, very good.
Just read through Twilight series.  Very fluffy stuff.
And no, real vampires do not sparkle.  Enough said.

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