Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where I work...er, knit...

Cause, yeah, it ain't workin', that's fo sure.  This is my happy place. My room.  My sanctuary.  My happy place.  It's an evolving place.  The bookshelf was a Goodwill fixer-upper.  Now, it's my stash keeper.  Well, some of my stash.  Had the hub's put a shelf up over the knit desk to hold the rest.  Er, most of the rest :P

The old computer table make for a nice little desk that has lots of cubby holes for stuff.  I knit here when I have to follow a chart or I really need to concentrate.  Usually, I knit at my other desk so I can watch some hulu or look at some Rav.

As the window is just to my left, I can get some really great natural light.  If not, my floor lamp stands in.
This  desk used  be my Grandfathers.  I treasure it.
So, if there's anyone out there, where do you knit?  How do you store your stash?  I'd love to see and take a peek!

Since starting this little blog, I have a new appreciation for photography.  Especially, really good photography.  And, how hard it can really be to get a good shot.  Or even, just a shot that really looks like what you're trying to capture.  When I first got this camera, a Nikon D80, I thought that would just take care of that aspect.  It's been fun learning.  


Leah said...

Your knitting area is really cute!

Anonymous said...

My yarn is everywhere and I knit almost everywhere! The only place I never knit is the craft room strangely enough!