Sunday, May 30, 2010

My, 'Isn't the internet awesome', moment.

Brought to you today, by Yarn Harlot.

Per my previous post, I was lamenting my skills at blocking.  Not sure of the why's or how to's, as it were.  So, I winged it.  You can see my results.  Turns out, I didn't too bad, after all.  I didn't stretch.  I used the schematic measurements given in my pattern.  The only think I didn't do was wash.  I merely soaked, throughly.
So, imagine my surprise as I came across the Yarn Harlots blog today and saw her most recent post about, yep ya guessed it, blocking.
Such a plethora  of info to answer any and all questions you may have on the why's and how to's of blocking.  And the comment section helped out a bunch, too ;)

Anyhoo, while I'm blocking, I'm starting another project.  Pembroke by Kirsten Kapur.  Another first is working from a chart.  You may have surmised that from the paint stick sub-ing for my lost ruler.  And from now on, I think I'm gonna block everything!

I can get a bit distracted by the view out my window of the Rhodie blossoms falling to the patio floor and the plump buds in the background waiting to burst out!  Love the spring!

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