Monday, November 2, 2009

Me no bloggy long time.


Yeah, I've been lazy.  Pretty much.  I didn't workout or run for the entirety of last week!  I don't actually know what I did.  hmmmm...Well, yeah I do...I was lazy.
But it was the kind of lazy that you earn.  Ya know, the lazy you get to do after a spell of some really hard work.  Like say... painting walls and ceilings.  Or heavy lifting whilst doing the work of the yard variety. 

I was, however, knitting up a storm.  I shoulda snapped some pic's.  I will, later.
I'm in sort of a sock frenzy.
Oh, and I was watching the Tudors, courtesy of Netflix. 
We did get some stuff planted.

One Katsura tree:

One Paperbark Maple:

A Lemon scented Cypress in a tres' heavy concrete planter placed on a tree stump:

Lastly, I didn't plant this, but I would of!  I love Autumn Sedum! 

Next up I promise to post on all the projects I've got going.  Whether of the knitting variety or other!

See ya!

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Turquoise Diaries said...

Enjoy your lazy days.. We all need them..:))