Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, the hubs and I continued our quest to find the perfect tiles for the back splashes for the kitchen.  We're also on the hunt for the perfect sconces for the hallway.  They have to be black.
I'm gonna check out some online sources here and see what I can't find.

Anyhoo, we make it back from a last stop at the grocery w/o doing too badly $$- wise, seeing as how I was pushing the cart and nearly drooling from hunger.

I made this when I got home.


Hubby felt more like this


The biscuits I talked about in the previous post are even great a couple days later.  I wrapped 'em in foil, heated at 400*, for about 15min, and wha~la...with a bit of ham or roast beef and a dab of mayo...hit the spot!

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Todd & Jackie Echeverria said...

You left a message on my Idahoroundpen blog about the tie backsplash, we are going to use the same tile for the back splash only put them on the tip so the look like diamonds not squares it will take alot of cutting.
Also, I read on your blog about lighting, I have purchased all of our indoor and ourdoor lighting from Home Depot on line. I have not been dissatisfied with even one fixture and we have purchased over 50 fixtures total.
keep in touch.
Becasue He lives!