Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is white the only color for the baseboards and trimwork in a home??

I found a wonderful blog.

Maria Killman is a delight.  And I'm learning more about blogging etiquette and blogging in general.
Not to mention, color, home design, and decorating.  I am re-thinking everything.  Since I'm not too far in the design phase here, not a bad thing at all.

I do have a problem with a schism I'm seeing between the home decor magazines  and advice I'm viewing via very savvy design blogs.
For example, the 'white baseboards, doors, and trimwork standard that seems so prevalent in decorating magazines of every type.
Nevermind that you very rarely ever see much color on the walls,  just a prevalent use of, excuse me whilst I yawn, very pale and/or white. It's the baseboards and trimwork that I don't get.  I can't recall ever seeing a pic of floor trim that wasn't white.  Hey, I love white.  Especially, in rooms that have the necessary light.
But, I truly love wood.  I've got a house full of nothing but wood floors.  Gorgeous, wood floors.  Oak.  Four inch laid next to two inch with walnut plugs.

All of this floor in the living and dining rooms is trimmed with wood baseboards.  For the walls, I choose Ash, in the Devine series from Miller Paints.  Light/medium beige.  Warm undertones.

I am extremely hesitant and actually loathe the idea of painting this door

and the surrounding trimwork, white.  But I'm working on the idea as I write.
I guess I just can't wrap my head around the idea of all this looking better in white.  Or off white/cream. 


So, I'm putting off the actual decision.
I'm headed next to the bedrooms.  I'll work out colors that will compliment either the wood trim or white trim.  Can that even be done, lol.

Any idea's out there?  What would you do?

White?  Really?  Arrrrg....
Let me know! 

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