Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She has over-hang.

And no, she doesn't really care.

Subtitled:  Lets all go to the thrift store!

Ya know, every now and again, in the midst of thrifting, you have a day where ya just seem to hit the jackpot where ever ya go.  Whether it be garage sales, or real thrift stores. 
That was our day, yesterday.
We found a few things on our lists and a few more that should of been on it :D

We found two of these beauties at the Salvation Army.  Price?  A staggering $8.00 each.  They were brand new in the box & they had all hardward included.

A classic, retro cookie jar.  $4.00.  Looks awesome in my kitchen and will be perfect for my big hand gettin' in there to grab a doggy cookie, shhhh...---::we whisper or spell that word around here::--. 
As soon as we get the back-splashes finished, I can show pics of the finished kitchen.

How about a sofa table?  Yep.  Got it at Salvation Army.  $60.  Looks brand spankin' new.  Perfect size.  Love it!

Oh, and the dishes!  I had been thinking it might be time to retire the Homer Laughlin restaurant ware for something different.
I knew these were perfect the moment I saw 'em, 'cause I actually gasped out loud.  Yeah, I did it sorta quietly, like, to myself.  I'm pretty sure.....

There were 8 of the Dinner and, of course, 7 of the Salad plates.  But, whata ya know?  I went on the bay of E, and found another Salad plate.  'Cause, that's what they're there for.

We also found a very cute, clean looking, wing-back chair at Salvation Army. It'll be steam cleaned, arranged in the L room, and I'll snap a pic.
This is the print..

So, now it's back to getting more stuff outta boxes and putting things away and/or  up on the walls.
After 3 or 4 boxes, we usually need to make a run to either a hardware store, or a thrift store!
But hey, that's always fun!

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