Friday, September 18, 2009

Chapter 4

Pies, Tarts, Cobblers, and Crisps.
So goes the title of Chapter four in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.
I'm not sure why this was the first chapter that I baked through, but I can tell you it certainly was a delicious experience!

Plum Oat Crisp
Super easy and, at the same time, utterly divine.  Good, homey, fall comfort food.

Easter Pie
Only mildly ambitious.  If you've worked with pie dough or done a lattice top pie, this would be no problem.  Very tasty and very elegant and it really looks good!

Nectarine Tart.
Maybe slightly more ambitious,  it was just the particular folding of the halved nectarines.  Really good in that the flavor of the nectarines were so prevalent.  Speaking of appearances, with the shiny glaze, this is really pretty, as well. 

Tomato Tart
The ease of this recipe made it fun whip up...Very flavorful.  Very pretty and a nice look when you take off the outer rim of the fluted tart pan.  If you have a bunch of tomatoes, this is an excellent way to use 'em up!  Did I mention that this isn't what you would call a quick recipe?  But, it is worth it.  The aroma alone, will have your mouth watering.

Classic Apple Pie
Classically delicious!!  It's all in the dough here, people.

Speaking of dough, I have found that Martha's Pate Brisee is awesome pie dough.
It's all I use now for any pie and it's what was called for in the Apple pie and for the Tomato Tart.  The other recipes here all included their own crust recipes.  For the Nectarine tart, I substituted the Pate Brisee and it turned out wonderfully.
For the Brisee, you will need a food processor but that's why it so great.   The processor does all the work and so precisely, it's almost fool-proof!  And geez, it's the fastest pie dough you'll ever whip out!

Now that we're getting settled even more here, I may have to delve into another chapter.  Hmmm, I think it may just have to be Chapter 5 - Yeasted Baked Goods or maybe Chapter 3 - Cakes.

Has anyone else made anything from this great cookbook?  I'd so love to hear about it!

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