Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Knitting

Yes.  My last crochet phase is over, so I'm back to the knitting.

These are my current projects.

Soubrette by Mary Anarella

Using a dove grey in Cascade Heritage sock.  Just about finished with the body.

Izhitsa by Patusha

Using a fingering weight, Chocolate covered berries by Seejayneknits over on Etsy.

Whisper by Hannah Fettig

Yep, another Whisper, It's only my 2nd one, with some lace from Mountain Colors in Red Tail Hawk.

No, these aren't the actual project photo's, obviously, I think.

I'm also going to play around with this one. 

With some Redheart acrylic, worsted weight, doubled.

I'm thinking rug.  I'll let ya know on this one.

I don't even have one project page set up of any of these.  I've been a tad lazy in that regard.

What are you working on??

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