Thursday, April 26, 2012


My Rill Scarf.

So, this pattern calls for lace-weight, 2 ply.  I tried that, exactly.  It looked
ok, but I didn't really like how the design elements looked, sorta lost with
not a lot of shape.   And there was literally, no drape.  It was just a whisper of
a thing that would of floated off at the first mild breeze.
So, I tried again with Heritage sock and really like it.  My only complaint would be
that you can see each wedge section clearly defined by the short row shaping.
I'm hoping that some good, probably very good, soaking and blocking might alleviate
some of that.  If not, it will be an added design element, right?
Using a size 1 sock straights, I've got the same measurements for the widest width
the pattern call for!  Yeah, me :)
Also, I'm not *that* crazy about the color, but it was what I had on hand and I
really wanted to knit this up, so....
After these shots, my camera battery decided it was tired.
I also started Chaleur in a pretty gray Cascade 220.
Will edit to add those.

Have a great knitterly day!



Of course, Tuna thinks he's the only one deserving of any interest.

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