Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have been sucked into the sock vortex.
Send that St Bernard.  The one with the whiskey barrel.  The big barrel.

The 2nd Business Casual is started.

The start, one among many,  of  Kirsten Kapur Mystery Sock 2012.

Using malabrigo in 204 Velvet Grapes.  So pretty!

I'm also playing with this pattern.  A little intimidated.  Crochet is not my best yarn talent.  A tad rusty.

From Lion's Yarn website.  Freebie.  The Tamir throw.

You can sort of see how huge this is.  This guy is 12-1/2" diameter.
When I take a stab at motif b, I'll show a pic.

So, yeah, doing some yarn work.

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