Saturday, January 21, 2012


So, we've been without power for almost 48 hours due to a big storm that hit the PNW.  Lots of snow.  Well, for us, anyway.  Some places got 10".
Really snarled things up.
Then we had some freezing rain.  Lots of that, too.
Then, we lost power.  And it was cold.  Then, it got windy.
First time I'd ever slept not only with all my clothes on, but my jacket, scarf, and a hat.
I was warm and I slept great.  The rest was not fun.
But, it's over, the juice is back on and all is back to normal.
Well, except for the clean up.

 This is just part of the clean-up.
 These are just pretty.  Now. 

My daughters got very creative.
Hello ice kitty.
Hope everyone is warm!

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