Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My oldest son is getting married.  December, or even sooner.  As it looks to be a winter wedding, I'm loving the idea of winter whites.  However, I do realize it is not my choice.
Alas, a mom can dream.
I see the Calla Lilly and White Roses here, but I don't recognize the other little white flower, anyone know?
Do share.
I suspect it may be Nicotiana or maybe Stock?

I find it strange, sort of,  how much I love this look for a kitchen.  If my kitchen walls weren't heavily stuccoed, I might even give it a go.
I'm really liking the color green lately and wondering where and how I can use it.

I'd definitely have to tweak that particular shade of green with these yellow cabinets.

Now go have a good week.

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