Saturday, January 22, 2011

I could put these to good use.

I'd bet one of my Starbuck's coffee mugs I can find something very close to these on Rav.  These are knitted.
And, viola~~~

Even though these are crocheted, I really like 'em.
Get your free patter here.
There are some cool patterns for the knitter, but the ones I spied t'weren't free.
This is over at Sugar and Creme's website.  You do need to be a member to see the pattern.  Sign up's a snap.

This is a knitted variety from Knitty.  Free pattern.

I'm fairly positive this means I get to pick up another cool Starbucks mug.  :)


MrsKinne said...

I'll have to send this link to a friend who loves both knitting and storage containers!

MollieH-C said...

I appreciate your love of knitting, storage bins, and Starbucks. You may be my new favorite person. :)