Saturday, January 29, 2011


One Afghan.

I did this with Vanna's Choice yarn from JoAnn's in color 158-Mustard.  Yes, it's 100% Acrylic, but it's so very soft and machine wash and dry-able.  I wouldn't put in the dryer for too long or at too high a temp.  Acrylic and heat don't mix to well.

I've also been delving into the wide, wide world of coupons some more.
I won't make you guess how much I paid for all these.
I will just tell you I paid one dollar.  
As in 1.
This could get a bit addicting.  


Linda said...

What a pretty afghan...I love the color. $1...very are wonderful...I can't live without them!!

futuregirl said...

Great blanket! I think Vanna's is awesome ... especially in that color. :)