Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Saturday at Saturday Market!

The daughter and I went to a local Saturday Market today.  Wow, why have I not been to one of these is such a loooong time!
So many cool things...and me without my camera...plants, jewelry, fresh herbs and veggies.  But this is what really got me excited.  I've heard of the concept of recycling yarn but this was a first for me to get my hands on some.  It should really go without saying that I now have some in my personal stash.
I really, really, needed more yarn anyway.  Just ask my husband.  Or, don't.  Really.

This is a lot of yarn in this wee little bag!
665 yards right here in the pale yellow which is 100% lambswool.

Mr T is not nearly as enamored of the yarn, though.

The pink skein is 150 yards of 100% lambswool, as well :)

In some bags, it's an entire sweater thats been de-constructed with the actual label included, so you can identify the actual yarn and what store/brand it was.  Also included is a thumbnail pic of the actual recycled sweater.  Very cool.
This is a less expensive option to buy some good quality yarn.  Check out Lea's stuff at her etsy shop for yourself.  I think she mentioned that when she's doing the Saturday markets and such, she doesn't have her Etsy shop up and running.
I'm hoping to get with her this coming Saturday too, so if I spelled her name wrong, I can rectify that and get some pic's of products!

Happy weekending!!

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