Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow, November 23rd was my last post....

No excuses.  Not a one.  Not allowed.  I'm just gonna pretend it was just yesterday that I was here and posting all the neat and cool things going on around here.
Like a severely sprained ankle that is now in what I'm calling, 'Das boot'.
*sigh*  Yeah, not a neat, or cool thing, but is what it is. *wince*
Guess it's just time for me to slow down a bit.
Gee's, who woulda thought that running was so completed.  Feet move forward, up and down.  They shouldn't ever, ever cross.
You'd all be proud.  I tucked and rolled with it.  Just like any good grandma getting thrown from a train.
This is that giant Rhododendron I was telling ya all about, a while back.  This was taken at the end of summer,  '09.

Here she is now, this minute, in full gloriously fragrant, bloom.

Uh, yeah, fragrant!!  I love to sit out there and just breathe.

This is the huge Japanese Maple that you see in the background.  It drapes into what was once a gazing pond.  
And just this last one, cause I think this is my fav pic.  Really shows how awesome that wall really is.  One of these days, I need to go out there and count how many Rhododendrons I actually have.
Well, happy days.  Go out there and enjoy your spring!

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