Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I changed my mind about the puppy...

I know, how could I??

Well, I took a trip to the local animal shelter here with my son to see what they had and you can predict the rest of this story.
Except that it was a kitty.  Er, another kitty, in my case.
A very, very cute boy kitty.

Please allow me to introduce to you all, Mr T.

Still, fresh in in box.  Which I assure you, he has left.  He is now hiding behind my bookcase.

I really don't know how anyone can go into one of these shelters and not have their hearts broken by all these poor cats and dogs!  Not to mention, taking one home!  Of course, only if the necessary desire is there to provide a good home.

So, now Ms Snickers will have a playmate.  As soon as I can arrange a meet date.  First, I have to coax the fierce and mighty Mr T out from behind the bookcase.

Might be a couple days.  :)


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