Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Morning coffee and a few of my favortie things....

Ok, so as no one probably, is reading this blog yet, I shouldn't be too embarassed about that time over there on my Nike+ widget.  Fact of the matter is, I'm still learning how to figure this gadget out.  I mean, it calibrates 'n everything!  Awesomeness. 
Also remember, I am 50 years old, fer cryin' out loud.  Anyway...this will keep me motivated to get a decent time in over there. 
New counter tops, Kohler black shiny kitchen sink w/a Kohler pull-down faucet to go with it, and a 3/4 hp disposal are all getting installed today.  Wooo weeeeee...Soon after,  the dishwasher will be re-installed after the new floor goes in.
YaY~!  I'll have my kitchen remodel finally finished. 
Still, I wasn't hindered one little bit from making Rachael Ray's Mexican Chicken Lime soup for dinner last night.  This had some heat.  Not completely crazy heat, though....loved the smokiness of the Chipotle peppers.
Now, for morning coffee and a few of my favorite things.
A dog and her duck.
Because some things are just so right.
Poppit, the little Oranda
Funsize, the little Lionhead
I am so making this!  From Montessori by hand
Love this white kitchen
and, this one!
Enjoy your day~!

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